Wellbeing Works

Wellbeing Works helps to raise awareness of mental wellbeing and health within the workplace.

Created by SuperFriend and KPMG, this tool helps to promote open and honest communication; recognise the current areas of strength and weakness; and develop plans for future improvement in organisational mental health. Within the questionnaire process, SuperFriend consultants aim to maintain a casual conversation. To ensure more honest responses from the interviewee, questioning deviates depending on conversation flow.

project-wellbeing-01-intro detail image 1

Documenting a verbal questionnaire.

Our challenge was to evaluate this nonlinear process and create a web application that could document fluid conversation with ease, allow for live data analysis and facilitate custom reporting.

Questions and answers fall within 5 different categories. The web application was developed with a strong navigation system based on these 5 segments to direct users quickly and seamlessly between categories.

Each category is illustrated with key visual markers to aid instantaneous recognition.

Throughout the experience consultants are given the opportunity to take detailed notes within each category. These can then be accessed at a later date before a report is generated by the custom admin interface within the app.

project-wellbeing-05-admin detail image 5

Live data and full customisation.

Working within the limitations of the reporting generator, the design of the report is clearly divided into the five reporting categories and successfully reinforces the branding of the questionnaire experience.

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