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As a UX-driven digital agency, we harness technology to deliver the best possible experience for our clients and their customers. One such technology, Algolia, can accelerate the user journey to turn browsers into buyers by providing lightning-fast search with highly relevant results.

Over 5000 brands trust Algolia with search performance across 20,000 websites and applications. With 70-plus data centres on 6 continents, the tech company has a solid infrastructure to ensure a consistent experience for every user.

What is Algolia?

Algolia is search-as-a-service capable of delivering real-time search results from the first keystroke that you can integrate into any website. They make it easy for our developers to integrate top of the line search functionality into your website or mobile app.

See a demonstration of Algolia's search and filtering capabilities in the videos below.

User friendly on-site search

Logical and fast filtering

Why should you care?

Your customers don’t like waiting. The longer they wait, the less they spend. 

A single second of load lag time costs Amazon $1.6b USD in sales per year (FastCompany)

When Walmart focused on improving site speed they recorded a 1% revenue increase per 100ms and for every 1 second, a 2% increase in conversions.

When integrating Algolia – a lightning fast and highly relevant search tool – ecommerce, media and SaaS businesses recorded increased conversions, transaction value and longer sessions. Algolia Brand Assets

How does Algolia work?

Algolia is known as ‘Search as a Service’. They take the heavy lifting from your website and servers and run it on their highly tuned and optimised infrastructure.

Once you make the call to migrate to Algolia, our developers tap into a full suite of APIs that enable integration in a fraction of the time of standard search development.

Algolia features you'll love

Lightning fast search results

Algolia returns results faster than Usain Bolt out of the starting block (and he does that in just 0.15 seconds). Furthermore, it performs up to 200x faster than ElasticSearch, the closest competitor and fallback solution up until now.

Help customers find what they are looking for

Sounds simple, right? Surprisingly, many websites fail to do this. Everything your customers do on your website or app sends a signal about what they want. Algolia decodes that intent to deliver what they want through search results, recommended products and predictive experiences.

Rapid Integration

Previously, to get enterprise quality search in your web application you could be looking at 6 months for an ElasticSearch implementation. That’s a long time in the oven. With Algolia, even a complex integration can be delivered in a matter of weeks, not months.

Typo-tolerant & synonym savvy

We’ve all been guilty of an auto-correct dilemma but, unlike those awkward texts, Algolia understands what customers want regardless of errors.

Relevant, personalised product search

Algolia is a high-performance search engine that returns highly relevant results to users. Textual-relevance is just one facet. Business metrics can be added to deliver advanced search experiences that offer personalisation, merchandising, product popularity and more.

Query Expansion

Switch on this feature to progressively loosen query constraints to ensure a user is never returned zero results. If a customer is searching for a ‘little black dress’ and the site doesn’t have any, then ‘black dresses’, ‘short dresses’ and ‘miniskirts’ could be shown. Keeping the customer engaged and on the path to purchase.

Accelerate the path to conversion

The Algolia API makes it easier for our developers to guide your customers on a streamlined conversion path. When coupled with great UX design, it delivers an exceptional experience that keep users coming back for more.

Take a look at some of our clients that are already reaping the rewards of increased conversions and revenue.

Algolia in action

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