Anywhere is possible.

Peregrine is a well known travel brand, providing guided small group travel to a huge range of countries and destinations around the world, with local guides and hand-picked itineraries designed to take you behind the scenes. If browsing the amazing places on offer here doesn’t make you want to jump on a plane, nothing will!

We were engaged to redesign the Peregrine website and fashion a much more compelling and engaging user experience that would delight their customers. Working with the internal team at Peregrine, we shared insights and collaborated on building up a vision for the site.

User research showed the audience favored tablets over other devices, and so we focused on crafting a rich, tablet-first and touch friendly experience that looked gorgeous on tablets, whilst ensuring desktop and mobile looked great too.


Discovery is key for handling such a wealth of content, and we carefully crafted user journeys to ensure content is found intuitively, whilst surfacing interesting diversions along the way. The search experience is focused on duration and time of travel, with search hinting giving users a quick options once they start typing.

Tethered side nav behaves in a familiar app-like fashion, making the most of the horizontal real estate whilst allowing the amazing imagery we had to work with to be presented in a better aspect.


The visual display of the trip "cards" allows for easy browsing whilst highlighting key information at just the right density to tease the user forwards without overwhelming them with information.

project-peregrine-03 detail image 3

Highlighting gorgeous photography brings the site alive.

project-peregrine-04 detail image 4

Packing such a wealth of content into a mobile experience was a challenge, but we used careful display of information and large hit states to make the experience flow.

project-peregrine-05 detail image 5

Destination pages merit a special treatment, providing a rich visual overview, and teasers to many journeys and experiences.


The complexity of pricing and availability was handled gracefully with elegant display of information; accordion controls opening and closing where desired to show relevant info without cluttering the page.

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