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Grill'd burgers to your door

In 2017, we worked with Grill’d to design and build a new website that encapsulated their commitment to healthy eating and community, while serving as a one-stop-shop for customers to access brand and product information with ease. 

In parallel with the launch of the new website, we helped Grill’d rolled out an e-commerce experience through a white-label solution on a subdomain, providing users with the first iteration of Grill’d online ordering. 

2020 brought some significant challenges, and through the COVID-19 Pandemic, we've helped Grill'd pivot their business to offering contact-less delivery. 

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Turning up the heat on online ordering 

The initial brief required Evolution 7 to build upon the current menu browsing experience on the website, introducing the functionality for users to select their order times, closest or favourite restaurants and proceed to browse their locally priced menu before proceeding to the purchase stage of the journey. 

Relish, the Grill’d membership program, was a key requirement for personalising and streamlining the online ordering experience. With additional functionality to add favourite restaurants and products, along with the storage and management of payment details and account settings.

Following the MVP release, further requirements were introduced to optimise the experience, with a change of payment gateway to facilitate Google and Apple Pay options, along with the introduction of Delivery, Powered by Door Dash, into the Grill’d online ordering experience.

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UX design meets solution architecture 

The project needed heavy UX consideration and a detailed understanding of how Grill’d users would navigate the experience, whilst trying to keep it as closely aligned with the in-restaurant purchasing experience as possible.

From detailed UX requirements and user-flow mapping, all the way to solutions architecture for the complex infrastructure to support extremely high traffic at peak times, the project needed a range of departments from the agency to streamline into one fast moving project team. This was especially necessary for the launch of online delivery, which was expedited and made a key part of the Grill’d business offering due to Covid-19 at the start of March 2020. 

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Custom Analytics to Customer Conversions

With large volumes of orders passing through the online ordering experience, it is key to know exactly how users are interacting with the website and where the conversion funnel is succeeding or needs improvement.

We opted implemented f enhanced ecommerce tracking, in conjunction with custom measurements beyond those normally available through Google Analytics.

Deployed through Google Tag Manager, utilising Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce functionality allowed us to track each step of the ecommerce process, and collect relevant product data along each step of that process.We implemented custom dimensions and advanced custom segments in Google Analytics, to further drill down on users ecommerce behaviour. 

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