Jean Hailes

A limited website for a fast growing not-for-profit

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (Jean Hailes) is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the knowledge of women’s health throughout the various stages of life, from adolescence, to midlife and beyond.  As a leading national organisation in the field of women's health, Jean Hailes has a role in conducting research, providing clinical care, disseminating and translating research into formats that are accessible by a wide range of audiences, and fulfilling an educative role to both the general public as well as health practitioners.  In addition to this, Jean Hailes also participates in Federal-level discussions with government regarding national strategies for women's health. 

The Jean Hailes website was limiting the organisation's ability to effectively deliver to the vision of being the national online gateway for women's health and wellbeing.  

Over time, the structure of the website had become convoluted. The same or similar content was appearing in multiple locations of the site and the navigation was confusing, resulting in rich and valuable information being hidden to the general user.  

We were enlisted to redevelop the site, starting with reviewing website content and structure.  We re-architected the website with users and key audiences in mind to ensure content was easily located and key user journeys were optimised. We delivered new website with a modern and updated look and feel, while providing content editors flexible and powerful tools to quickly and easily create, edit and publish content.

Jean Hailes 01

A complex IA to a cohesive UX

Jean Hailes prides themselves on providing practical and easy-to-understand information for women and for health professionals. They achieve this by translating research and medical evidence in creative content forms. To help Jean Hailes realise their goals, we set out to drive a compelling digital transformation of the brand, bringing them to the forefront of digital sophistication.  

We initially set out to conduct workshops and user experience reviews of the current site, to gain an in-depth understanding of customer journeys and user needs. Our findings enabled us to develop a user focused design and information architecture. The site required 20+ page layouts, from the homepage, to event and news directories to recipe detail pages. A challenge within mapping out the information architecture was that the current website housed a lot of different types of content. Much of this content could easily be separated out into individual sections on the website, however this needed to be balanced with avoiding creating too many disparate sections of content on the website, with a cohesive user experience with readily surfaced content a priority. 

Building out the back end of the site, we selected the content management system Craft. We chose Craft as our preferred cms because of its flexibility, ease of use, extensibility, scalability and control.

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Striving to be the number one online destination for Women's Health

Jean Haile’s mission is to be the national online gateway for women’s health and wellbeing. The organisation needed a site that enabled them to achieve this. 

In order to be the number one online destination for women’s health, it was important to have a modern and responsive site, focusing on a cohesive user experience and readily surfaced content of value - to highlight the expertise and pedigree of the organisation. The site needed to be strategy led, leveraging insights and expertise to ensure the digital presence, assets and website is focused on delivering value to users and to Jean Hailes.

The site was to provide resources and material to support wellness in the workplace and deliver high-quality, industry-leading content to consumers and health professionals. To meet this need, the website design and information architecture needed to be user-focused, providing logical pathways to key information and enabling key messages to be delivered with speed and urgency to target audiences. To enhance users experience and ease of use, the site also needed to drive users towards content relevant to them, with content and resources aimed at both answering the needs of women, friends and family, and health professionals, but opening up further opportunities for engagement across digital platforms.

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A user experience tailored to Jean Hailes

We operated with a strategy-led, user-centred approach to user experience, consulting with key stakeholders to ensure the final design meets the required brief and objectives.

Based on the digital vision for the business, and the future role of the website with regards to key customer journeys, our digital strategists will worked closely with the design lead to ensure an experience that is easy to use and intuitive to the user.

Our strategy-led approach included thorough user experience research, reviewing all available data about the existing website, Google Analytics data, industry trends and insights, and other customer data provided. 

Additionally, we conducted collaborative workshops, developed  user personas, and comprehensive customer journeys. It was essential to have a deep understanding of the users needs, so we could develop an experience that fulfills those user needs, optimising site macro and micro conversions. 

The information architecture development involved applying a strategic, user-centred approach to refine the core structure of the site to meet the needs of different audiences and key goals. Our key goal in doing so was to make Jean Hails’s rich content easily found and accessible, with conversion goals clearly defined, and further calls to action presented prominently.

Jean Hailes 04

Once the development of the website was kicked off, our strategists ensured that the website was search engine optimised and that a full measurement plan was in place to support reporting and data-driven decision making. The measurement plan aligned Jean Hailes’s business and website objectives, and specified which KPIs can be used to measure activities contribution to the business bottom line. This supported the layout for advanced tracking implementation.

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