#howwemove - a campaign driving engagement and user generated content.

Following the development of Kinetic Super’s website, we were asked to create a digital engagement campaign for Kinetic Super’s brand relaunch. Kinetic have a bold and vibrant energy that centres around movement and activity. With this in mind, we set out to create an engaging social campaign.


We hatched the idea of #howwemove - a social campaign where we asked Australians the simple question “How do you move?”.

We then created a striking experience based on social submissions from users which were crafted into an interactive, responsive mosaic - creating a rich tapestry of life & movement.

We were delighted that the digital execution was recognised as a finalist in the 2014 AIMIA Awards.

project-howwemove-03-phone detail image 3

Participate from anywhere.

People were also able to use the phone to manually upload images from their mobile phone whilst on the move.

project-howwemove-04-social detail image 4

Socially connected.

By using the #hashtag we were able to develop a system which allowed Kinetic to find, curate and deliver the best content for their brand to their social wall.

At the end of the campaign period, a compelling video was created which celebrated how we move - a digital artifact of how Australians like to move.
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