Shining a light on Mondolux

A subsidiary of leading lighting solutions provider Aglo Systems, Mondolux is a fresh face in the Australian lighting market. The brand boasts a full range of on-trend, quality lighting products, and their Aussie warehouse addresses an important customer pain point: no more project delays waiting for items to ship from overseas.

We were tasked with designing a premium, polished website that would position Mondolux as a bold up-and-comer, showcase its products, and cater to the needs and busy schedules of three core customer groups: architects, interior designers, and specifiers.

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Flipping the switch

Whenever we kick off a new project, the office buzzes with creative energy. Mondolux was particularly exciting as we were working with a new brand from its very beginnings. The Mondolux team effectively handed us a blank canvas.

As with any E7 project, we began by exploring what a user would want and need from the Monodlux site. This ensured that the project advanced with users in the spotlight.

We agreed the website would serve as Mondolux’s primary marketing tool, which meant design and a smart, smooth user experience were both mission critical for success. The goal was to deliver a premium feel with sophisticated functionality, building quick pathways to products and specifications.

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No time to waste

Aglo Systems’ commitment to excellence has won the favour of countless high-profile retail, commercial, and industrial clientele. Cotton On Kids, Australian Geographic, and Chadstone - The Fashion Capital are just a few household names who trust the brand for market-leading lighting solutions. Not surprisingly, there was a vested interest in carrying over a similar reputation and value system to Mondolux. From this, a vision statement was born: improve and elevate the experience of sourcing lighting products.

To tap into that experience, we pored over analytics and spoke to a range of Aglo’s current and former clients. We learned that no matter whether you’re an architect, interior designer, or specifier, a few things ring true: you’re perpetually time poor, and your decision making process is sped up by having quick, easy access to product specifications.

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Building a brilliant strategy

In this case, accessibility is a two-step process: before users can evaluate a product’s suitability for a commercial project, they must first be able to find it. Excellent search functionality would be key to deliver this requirement and we knew that Algolia was up to the task.

Algolia is cutting edge search software that allows for increased flexibility in delivering search results, as well as lightning quick response times and enhanced user experience. The E7 developers integrated Algolia’s leading search interface to streamline the user experience and make finding the product they need instantaneous.

Next, we had to land on a structure for Mondolux’s product category and product detail pages. Because most Mondolux lighting products come in multiple variations (different beam angles, colour temperatures, and so on), we had to take care not to inundate and overwhelm customers with information.

Two custom tools helped us protect against cognitive overload and assist these busy professionals select the right product for their needs: a configurator and a “lux calculator.”

Mondolux’s configurator programmatically generates information-rich PDF datasheets based on which parameters the users select. Doing so required us to build individual components capturing product variation types.

During our user research, all three customer groups spoke to the power of visual tools. We translated this insight into a custom “lux calculator” that populates lux output based on beam angle, lumen output, and height.  

In addition to the site’s information flow and functionality, we also had to consider brand visibility in an already saturated market. To position Mondolux alongside its more established competitors, we performed extensive keyword research and optimised product category pages using best-practice SEO tactics. We backed that up with a multi-channel marketing plan to increase brand awareness and drive additional traffic to Mondolux’s newly-launched website.

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A rising star

Just like Mondolux products, the finished design is as sophisticated as it is functional. Supported by high-resolution photography and a clean design aesthetic, customers can navigate through Mondolux’s full product catalog with ease.

Product pages are structured to programmatically generate technical and other key product specifications, meaning clients save time by gaining instant access to the information they need for retail, commercial, and industrial projects. 

The team’s efforts have already been recognised at the Melbourne Design Awards, taking home Gold in the Digital - Home & Living category.

"Thanks for your great effort this year, we are very impressed with the website! You delivered on every promise and I am sure it will be a great success." - Lucas Zumpolle, Product Development Manager, Aglo Systems
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