Verbatim LED Lighting Calculator

Verbatim are well known international brand, with a storied reputation for high quality DVD and storage products, but relatively unknown in the LED market which they were expanding into.

Working together, we wanted to explore ways we could communicate to consumers looking for LED lighting that Verbatim was in the space.

During our research, we found that a common precursor in customer buying behaviour was to research the savings attained by switching to LED lighting by using online calculators. However the available calculators were typically very dry, unwieldy and non-interactive, and we saw an opportunity to create an interesting piece of content marketing that would propel Verbatim into the space and create something of utility for the community.

Thus the LED Lighting Calculator was born, an interactive visualisation that demonstrates how much you could save in a year by switching to LED lighting.


Compare your current bulbs against latest generation LED technology, and see immediately the difference in power cost and CO2 emissions.


This simple and beautifully-designed piece of creative clearly illustrates to consumers the benefits of LED products. It’s a great example of content marketing and interaction design, together with social integration allowing users to share their savings on Facebook and Twitter.


Within 6 months of launch, the Verbatim LED Lighting calculator had achieved the #1 position on Google for targeted terms and still attracts a notable audience of users interested in LED products.

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