Maddocks provide premium legal services across Australia and around the world. Their new website allows Maddocks to showcase the range and depth of legal expertise on staff, and firmly establish themselves as a leader in the industry.

Maddocks are a leading Australian law firm with offices across Australia. Evolution 7 have been working with Maddocks for a number of years, and having built the previous Maddocks site some years ago, we were tasked with creating a fresh new site to align with their growing business needs. With a considered site architecture, the website perfectly combines corporate with creative.

project-maddocks-02-services detail image 2

The vast array of services and sectors required considered thought. Services are organised in an interactive panel allowing an engaging method to discovery for the user.

project-maddocks-03-menu detail image 3

Navigation between pages is streamlined by the tethered navigation and mega menu system.

project-maddocks-04-people 1 detail image 4

Maddocks people become central to the services by displaying related key personnel front and centre. The website delivers value to the user by providing a comprehensive wealth of resources, easy-to-navigate information and content.

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