Kinetic Super

​Super is hard, and can be challenging to understand for many people. The Kinetic Super website makes understanding super easier and more engaging, with a bold presence and an uncomplicated tone of voice.

When we were engaged, Kinetic Super were an unlaunched brand, looking to pull together a number of existing superannuation brands under a single umbrella. With a purpose to bring life and energy to the superannuation space, Kinetic Super asked Evolution 7 to lead the development of a transitional website to help explain the consolidation of the previous brands, and set the tone for Kinetic's online presence going forward.

We were tasked with driving forward the digital presence and strategy for the launch, and developed a bold and energetic website to serve as the home and hub of the brand and campaigns.

Comfortably working in a multi-agency environment with a brand agency, ad agency, and media agency, Evolution 7 led the digital conceptualising and execution on a number of brand campaigns for Kinetic super, including 'How Strong is your Super?', the 'Kinetic Challenge' and '#How We Move', the latter of which being a finalist in the AIMIA Awards 2014.


The online calculators we designed for Kinetic makes it easy for users to view and understand their retirement projections and the impact that making additional contributions to super can have on their balance and quality of life in retirement. Approachable and visual input fields make using the calculator straightforward, and the additional controls and fine-grained adjustments allow savvy users to finesse the calculations.

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There are a lot of details to understand to manage your super effectively, and the Kinetic Super knowledge base/fact sheets allows Kinetic Super to provide common sense guidance and insight to their users, in an easily searchable interface.

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Super performance over time is important to everyone. We provided a range of data visualisation tools, to allow complicated information be shown in a easy to understand manner.

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