Asthma Buddy

Replace your paper action plan with the Asthma Buddy iPhone and Android app, developed in partnership with the National Asthma Council. Asthma Buddy will help your loved ones understand and manage their asthma symptoms.

We worked with our long-term clients, National Asthma Council, to develop an iPhone and Android app to support people with asthma, and the caregivers of people with asthma, to identify and manage their symptoms.

Upload your personal asthma action plan for reminders of your day-to-day medications while on the go. Whether you’re feeling well, unwell, worse, or during an emergency, Asthma Buddy helps you to recognise the symptoms and guides you on what to do in response. You can also jot down emergency contact details and access a rich video library demonstrating the correct use of inhalers. Asthma Buddy helps to effectively manage your asthma, reducing symptoms, need for medication, and improving quality of life.

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