ALH Digital Strategy

Owned by supermarket giant Woolworths, The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group) is one of the region’s largest hospitality brands, operating over 350 licenced venues and retail liquor outlets across the country.

With a vast array of venues including iconic pubs, sports bars, gaming venues and restaurants, their digital portfolio is expansive; each sub-brand, aggregator and location has its own unique website, Facebook and other social profiles; and they have a range of other online and offline touch-points where users can interact with the brand.

Lacking vision and direction in their digital marketing initiatives, ALH Group turned to Evolution 7’s Strategy team for assistance. With a desire to better understand their customers and their level of digital maturity, ALH needed advice on where to focus their digital investments in order to meet their business objectives.

We applied a three-phased approach to coordinate the structure and delivery of digital strategy across all consumer touch-points in the ALH portfolio, including websites, mobile apps and in-store displays. This approach required intensive collaboration with key stakeholders inside ALH, with the objective of getting buy-in, which would enable the digital transformation of the business.

Alh Workshop Collage

1. Digital review

The initial digital review involved a series of discovery and analysis sessions to assess the current situation of the websites. Activities included channel audits, web property audits, stakeholder interviews, site visits, persona development and customer interviews.

Together, this allowed us to paint a clearer picture of ALH’s current digital situation to inform the next phases

Alh Customer Journey Photo

2. Strategy development

Using the data and insights from the digital review, we developed a digital vision for the business. We constructed customer journeys overlaying both personas developed and consumer touch points, which exposed gaps in communication with customers, as well as highlighting risks and opportunities that could form the basis of our strategy.

In addition, we provided the client with key pieces on consumer touchpoints, social media and loyalty.

Alh Digital Diagram

3. Digital roadmap

The high-level strategy is then followed by a detailed digital roadmap as the final phase in our strategy. It provides the clients with clear direction on the actions and tactics required to reach their objectives. The detailed roadmap includes priorities, a timeline and a sophisticated measurement plan.


For ALH Group, we used a weighted benefit/objective matrix to allow the client to assess all of their current and future projects against a shared set of criteria.

ALH Group found the process of examining their current digital landscape and articulating the digital vision for the business hugely beneficial. Our engagement with all stakeholders — from the executive suite down – helped with responsive internal buy-in and the strategy we developed is now used to structure investment and prioritisation of tasks.

One of the aspects ALH Group found most valuable was the in-depth examination and documentation of the customer journeys for each of the different customer personas that we identified and developed. These now form a core reference for digital decision making. It helps them to identify gaps in the communication channels at each of the user’s key touch points and target initiatives to bridge this.

Following board-level approval, ALH Group and Evolution 7 have commenced work on the projects that we identified as high priority, and work on projects with a lower priority have been put on hold. As a result, ALH Group can have the confidence that investment in its digital presence is targeted to high-value actions.

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